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The Best Waterpark In Crete - LIMNOUPOLIS WATERPARK 

waterpark-1A memorable, action-packed and full day can be had at the best waterpark in Crete - Limnoupolis.

The biggest of its kind in Chania, the site is open from 10am to 7pm every day between the months of May and September.

Amongst its many attractions are inspiring water slides and thrilling rides designed to capture the imaginations of the whole family, parents included. 

The central pool is a whopping 1500 square metres and includes an enormous aquatic oasis, as well as a deep end stretching 3.80m below. Anyone choosing to submerge at that depth will feel as if they're swimming in the sea. That's the idea!

Surrounding areas are filled with comfortable sun beds and umbrellas, allowing your party to relax with drinks and snacks purchased from the poolside bar. Ice creams are available by the bucketload to help cool kids down on the hottest days.

Limnoupolis Waterpark is famed for its artificial, lazy river, which is an incredible 206 metres long, not forgetting water slides offering two freefall rides - the black hole and the triple twist. The second of those features inter-connected, covered water slides...


But that's not all! The water park also boasts football fields, a kid's playground, fast food outlets, a restaurant, the popular Pirates Bar and an artificial island that comes complete with a mini market and first aid centre. Friendly staff can be found at each of those locations.

Anyone wishing to holiday later in the year can still visit water city. The park opens every day from 10am until 6pm between May and October and is a family friendly environment guaranteed to serve up a fantastic day.

For more information and to purchase tickets visit the park's own website http://www.limnoupolis.gr

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