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Day Trips in Crete

As you’d expect from one of Europe’s leading holiday destinations, Crete is overflowing with incredible day trips, all certain to create memories to last a lifetime.

On this page we’ve previewed some of our favourites, excursions that come highly recommended.

Blue Adventures Diving

Crete Diving and Snorkelling - Crete Escapes

The professional dive teams from Blue Adventures Diving will help you discover that Crete is every bit as beautiful underwater as it is above the shoreline.

Activities vary according to experience, with instructors on hand to guide non-certified divers venturing out to sea and some of the region’s best loved dive sites.

Snorkelling is also available, with more than 3,000 observing the marine life in its natural setting since 2017.

Dive spots include the Maherida, Spotlights Cavern and Seal, Cathedral and Elephant Caves respectively.

Holidaymakers can view amazing light shows from the ocean itself and swim down dark tunnels to uncover historic landmarks, many of which are surrounded by white mountains. Best of all, the water is incredibly clear, meaning that you can see the wonderful species of fish up close.

Find Blue Adventures Diving in the large city of Chania, Crete, near the Hydramis Palace Hotel.

Find out more here.

Chania Segway Tours

Crete Segways - Crete Escapes

Chania Segway Tours invite holidaymakers to explore some of the city’s best loved monuments. It’s arguably the most exciting way to do so.

Groups of up to 5 can select a route, plotting journeys that take in the likes of the Virgin Mary, the Navy Museum, The Byzantine Wall and the Temple of Aghios Rokkos – to name just a few.

Pre-planned routes include the Halepa Tour, on which you can discover the exterior of the East Venetian Walls, and the Splantzia & Kum Kapi Tour, where riders can journey deep into the Turkish district of Chania.

Pro ‘segwayers’ are encouraged to plot their own course, freestyling through traditional villages while accompanied by an escort. A private Segway tour is also available on request.

Parties can also sign up for Night Tours, taking the opportunity to experience ta beautiful city under the stars.

Prices range from 20€ to 110€ depending on the length of tour is and whether or not it’s private.

Find out more here

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