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Crete Festivals and Events

Crete is famed for its rich culture and never is this better evidenced than during summer months and the height of the festival season. Carnival celebrations can be found across the region between the months of June and September, but we've highlighted a few which, we believe,  truly capture the spirit of the island.

Chania Summer Festival


Chania's Summer Festival takes place between July and September each year and is packed full of attractions. Live performances of the dance, musical and theatrical variety can be enjoyed daily and often attract well-known performers.

Unforgettable Cretan dancing is performed by talented dance groups in a real throwback, while art exhibitions containing pieces both old and new delight allcomers.

Find out more about the Chania Summer Festival here

Chania Rock Festival


The Chania Rock Festival is located in the heart of the old city, next to it's historic port. An old Venetian Bastion facing out to sea, it's the ideal setting for what's described as the 'biggest rock event in the history of Crete.'

Since the inaugural showcase in 2002, some of the biggest names from the world of metal have graced the stage and proceeded to crank the volume.

The likes of Soulfly, Sabaton and Bonfire have sent crowds into raptures and created many a summer memory.

This rock riot  traditionally takes place in the month of July, though dates do vary from year-to-year.

Find out more about the Chania Rock Festival here

Chestnut Festival Elos


The village of Elos is surrounded by chestnut trees, which makes for picturesque scenery and harvest. To celebrate the chestnut harvest, the local people devote their attention to the Chestnut Festival.

This gives Elos a chance to show off its chestnut produce and attract visitors over one delightful weekend reserved for this extraordinary event.

Travelers can expect music, dancing and plenty in the way of good food and drink.

The Chestnut Festival appears later in the calendar, typically around October time, and is just a short distance from Kissamos on the West part of Crete.

Find out more the Chesnust Festival Elos here

Cretan Diet Festival


The Cretan Diet Festival occurs every July in Rethymno.

Promoting the richness of the Cretan diet, local producers invite guests to celebrate Cretan food and local products at the Municipal Garden in Rethymno.

They go to great lengths to explain the nutritional value of local cuisine and offer up the likes of cheese, pomegranate, snails and famous Cretan oil and honey for you to sample and savour.

In recent years winemakers have also been present to deliver a true taste of the Mediterranean.

Find out more the Cretan Diet Festival here

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