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About Our Discounts

1) Low Occupancy Discounts for couples 

For a couple we are pleased to offer a low season discount on the normal accommodation price.

Discounts are usually available for all days of your holiday falling in April, May, June, September and October.

Where the price has been discounted you will not have all bedrooms available to you eg; one bedroom which will normally be the master double room unless you prefer a twin room (if applicable) instead. 

Please note: our booking system automatically calculates the couple discount based on the number of people entered onto the booking form as it cannot recognise the number of bedrooms required and the start day of your rental. There are 2 problems with this:-

a) If you are 2 people but not a couple (or a couple requiring more than 1 bedroom) please input 3 people on the online booking form and leave the name of the third person blank so the system will calculate the correct accommodation price ie; without a low occupancy discount and also the correct deposit required to secure the booking.

b) If your rental overlaps a discounted period and a non-discounted period eg; bookings starting in June and going into July or bookings starting in August and going into September, the automatic discount calculated will be wrong. In these cases we have to make the adjustment manually. You can still book online but we will need to change the price on receipt of your booking request. If the price increases we will contact you to confirm the new price before we confirm your booking and take your deposit.

Please don't let either of these issues put you off making a booking. The discounts are genuine and our villa owners welcome couples out of high season. 

2) Loyalty Discounts

We value our returning clients and to thank you for booking with us regularly we offer these discounts:- 

Offer A - Three or more bookings with Crete Escapes?

If you have booked a villa through Crete Escapes at least three times in succeeding seasons (Mar - Nov) eg; May 2021, Sept 2022 and August 2023, we will give you a loyalty discount of 2.5% Please note this does NOT apply if there is a gap between yearly bookings eg; May 2020, Sept 2021 and July 2023 or if the booking/s did not go ahead eg; due to cancellation.


Offer B - More than one booking in the same season?

If you have booked a villa through Crete Escapes, twice (or more), in one season (Mar - Nov), on separate occasions, we will give you a loyalty discount of 2.5%. Please note this does NOT apply if you are making a booking for two or more villas for the same or similar period eg; larger groups booking villas adjacent to each other OR bookings for two or more villas that follow immediately on from each other eg; Villa A from 1st May - 8th May and Villa B from 8th May to 15th May. A minimum 14 night gap is required between bookings to qualify for the discount.

Please note: the loyalty discounts are in addition to the couples discount but loyalty offers A and B cannot run concurrently. The maximum loyalty discount is one per season and 2.5% per booking. 

In either instance please quote voucher code LOYALTY2.5 during the booking process in order to claim your 2.5% discount. We will then check your previous bookings before confirming your booking.