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Since 2020 the Greek Government has set out a stringent plan to protect the country and visitors to the country from the coronavirus. Specific instructions have been issued in respect of all tourist accommodation which must be deep cleaned between guests whether there is a gap between arrivals and departures or not. This is for the protection of everyone staying in the accommodation, future guests, property managers and cleaning staff. 

Villa Preparation

All personnel involved in preparing villas for guests are required to wear protective clothing ie face masks, gloves and waterproof aprons.

The villa must be fully aired during the cleaning process.

All hard surfaces including such things as knobs, handles, light switches, wardrobe hangers, plugs, cables, keys and key safes must be cleaned and then disinfected for each new set of guest arrivals. In some instances, soft furnishings must be steam cleaned.

In most instances books, magazines and dvd’s etc will have been removed from the villa or will be covered up with a note asking you not to touch them. NB, any villa information/reference books left out for you will have been disinfected. Cushions and throws may also have been removed if it is not possible to deep clean / launder them between guests.

There should be no items left from previous guests ie pool toys or food of any description.

Welcome pack 

One will be provided but will only include pre-packaged items.

Mid stay Cleans and Linen Changes

Depending on the property management company mid-stay cleans may not be possible except in emergencies.

Linen changes will be provided but you may need to strip the beds and re-make them yourselves. If this is the case your villa owner/property manager will let you know when these linen changes are going to take place. On the day your linen is due to be changed you will be asked to bag up your dirty laundry for collection. Clean linen will be delivered to the villa and left outside for you.


The pool will be cleaned as normal and chemical levels checked. The pool area will need to be vacated whilst the pool cleaning is taking place (your villa owner or property manager will let you know when this is going to be).

During Your Stay – Villa Hygiene

We ask you to maintain frequent handwashing, social distancing, avoid handshakes & touching of eyes, nose, mouth at ALL times.

The following cleaning items will be available for you in the villa to enable you to maintain basic hygiene.

  • anti-bacterial hand sanitizer                         
  • anti-bacterial wipes
  • disposable gloves
  • hand soap
  • tissues
  • paper towels or kitchen roll
  • disinfectant
  • Please keep the villa well ventilated by leaving doors and windows open as much as possible (if safe to do so) whilst you are at the villa.
  • To prevent infestations of ants and other insects, it is ESSENTIAL that you take the utmost care in keeping worktops clean and free from any type of food waste.
  • Leftover food should be wrapped securely and stored in containers, the fridge and/or freezer. If you leave food out and unwrapped you will almost certainly find ants in the villa. These are difficult to eradicate once they have arrived.
  • Empty kitchen and bathroom bins and throw out your rubbish DAILY and at the end of your stay including all leftover food, drink, toiletries etc. 


The name and telephone number of the nearest doctor/health centre that will deal with any queries or symptoms relating to Coronavirus (covid-19) will be noted in the villa for you.

Please immediately notify the property manager (Health Co-ordinator) if any person/s in your group have symptoms of Covid-19.


Regrettably, due to the level of cleaning required between guests the check in/out times may be extended, particularly for same day changeovers and therefore early check-in or late check-outs will not be possible. If you do wish to leave after the time we have given to you, you will need to speak to the villa owner/property manager about this. Otherwise, you will need to depart the villa on time to ensure there is sufficient time to prepare the villa for incoming guests.


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