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FAQ's - Deposits and Balance Payments

How much is the deposit?

The usual deposit is 10% of the villa rental subject to a minimum of £50 gbp sterling per week.

When do I have to pay the deposit?

The deposit is due at the time of booking. We cannot confirm a reservation for you without a deposit.

When is the balance due?

The balance payment is due no later than 10 weeks before the villa rental begins.

Will you send me a reminder about the balance payment?

Yes, we will send you a reminder approximately 7 days before the due date.

Will you cancel my booking if I haven't paid the balance by the due date?

We reserve the right to cancel any booking where the balance has not been paid by the due date.

What is the security/damage deposit for?

We ring fence £250 (£500 for all premier villas) on a debit or credit card that you have provided details of, to cover the villa owner in the case of damage to, or loss at, the villa which is not covered by insurance or to cover any extra or unusual cleaning costs eg; BBQ's. We will always contact you before we take any monies from your card.

What is the Climate Resilience Levy?

From the 1st January 2024, The Greek Government introduced a levy on tourists staying at ANY type of rental accommodation In Greece and replaces the previous hotel tax. The levy is charged per night and is based on the size of the accommodation being rented eg; during the summer of 2024, a 7 night stay at one our 3 bed villas will include a levy of £61.25 (£8.75 per night). NB: this levy is a tax payable in Greece by the villa owners and not part of the advertised accommodation cost.