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Crete Set For A Record Breaking 2017: What Does This Mean For You?

Posted on Wednesday 9th November 2016 by Crete Escapes

As the 2016 holiday season has now come to an end in Crete - one thing is becoming abundantly clear...

The beautiful island of Crete is set to become the premier destination for a first class yet affordable villa holiday in 2017. Following a record breaking year of tourism in 2015 - this trend is most definitely here to stay as more and more holiday makers are discovering that this enchanting destination ticks just about every box there is.

What's more, local business owners in Crete are now reaping the rewards of their hard toil as people have realised that the island has been unaffected by innaccurate reports of hoards of refugees! Sadly this unfair portrayal of the immigrant situation in Crete was a result of poorly informed broadcasters who failed to gather their geographical facts.

In reality,  Crete has gained popularity in 2016 due to the fact that countries such as Turkey and North Africa (once strong competitors in the holiday market) are now sadly deemed to be relatively unsafe.

So how will Crete's ever increasing popularity benefit YOU - the holiday maker in 2017?

Well, higher profits from the tourism trade will ensure that the already pristine beaches and multitude of amenities for visitors will continue to be safe guarded and developed. This will result in an ever greater choice of fabulous restaurants, bars and shops as the locals on the island can happily rely on a healthy stream of visitors each year.

But don't forget, there are also so many enchanting and sleepy towns and villages in Crete (located close to stunning beaches) that remain largely unaffected by any kind of tourism - so there will always be an opportunity to experience the traditional side of the island without the all too common European problem of safeguarding your 1 metre squared spot of sand on a crowded beach! 

We are also seeing a greater trend towards holidaymakers coming to Crete in what has typically been dubbed the "low season" of April/May and September/October. Hardly surprising due to the wonderful weather at this time of year and the incredible savings that can be made with low occupancy discounts on luxury villas!

For those wishing to experience Crete during the low season, its ever-increasing popularity as an affordable holiday destination for 2017 will mean that there will still be an enjoyable buzz around the island during these times, and plenty of people watching to enjoy!

Our stunning range of fully licensed villas in Crete has been carefully hand selected by our team of specialists to ensure that we offer only the best to our customers (many of whom return to us year after year to book their Crete villa holiday).

If happy thoughts of azure private pools and stunning sea views are calling to you then make like the seasoned holidaymaker and think about booking your flights for 2017 early to save money. Money that can be put to better use when you arrive on the magical island of Crete! You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to unforgettable day trips, incredibly scenery and mouth watering local cuisine.

Browse our choice of Crete Villas now or call us on our low cost number: 0330 111 0061 today!

We hope that 2017 will be the year that you fall in love with the beautiful island of Crete...