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Roaming Charges Across The EU To Be Scrapped From 15th June 2017!

Posted on Wednesday 14th June 2017 by Crete Escapes

Staying connected with the ones we love will always be of great importance.

Unfortunately, the extortionately high cost of using a mobile abroad has made it near on impossible to do so while on holiday.  Many travellers choose to either endure radio silence for a week or two or simply suffer a weighty phone bill at the end of the month! Not a happy dilema for anyone... Until now!

As of the today, all roaming charges across the EU will be scrapped. This means that all EU citizens will be able to make calls, text and use data allowances wherever they are in the EU, with no incumbent roaming surcharge!

For so many holiday makers - not to mention restless teenagers enduring a digital detox - this will mean that keeping in touch with loved ones back at home will no longer bear a miserable price tag.

 villas in crete with a viewAll of our fully licensed villas in Crete have WiFi, meaning that guests can at least use WhatsApp to send pictures or make calls - but as of tomorrow, the freedom to use data  without a roaming charge will mean that holidaymakers can stay connected to the outside world regardless of where they are - be it on the beach, in a taverna or roaming the street markets in Chania!

Some may say that the true beauty of a holiday is to get away from it all and avoid the lure of digital devices at all cost. After all, a week or two of abundant sunshine, inviting turquoise sea and ever flowing Cretan cuisine should be more than enough to keep even the fussiest of traveller occupied. However, there is nothing better than the freedom to be able to make that call or send a text without the headache of a crippling roaming charge.

So there you have it. As of the 15th June, feel free to call, text and update your Facebook profile with an unlimited amount of blue sky and private pool shots without the rip off roaming charge to sour your day. Time to make your nearest and dearest as jealous as possible... Or simply pick up the phone to say "I wish you were here."

Why not take a look through our stunning villas in Crete now or call us on 0330 111 0061 should you have any questions.