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What Are The Benefits of Booking Your Holiday Independently?

Posted on Monday 28th October 2019 by Crete Escapes

It’s been a tumultuous few weeks for the travel industry. Recent events have raised questions for holidaymakers concerned about their next trip away.

The collapse of Thomas Cook, and with it a host of disrupted or cancelled holidays, occurred at the height of Brexit uncertainty. A perfect storm, it was inevitable that many would simply hold off booking for 2020 and ‘ride it out’. But are they right to?

In such a climate confidence is in short supply, but reassurance is what long-standing and independent booking agents such as Crete Escapes can provide. Unlike trips arranged with private rental sites, ours are largely risk averse. Rest assured, you won’t land and discover your accommodation doesn’t actually exist…

While that’s a good start, there are a great many reasons to book independently, both now and in the future.


Firstly, those acting as a booking agent solely for privately owned homes (or villas) are well versed in the subject at hand. You can trust our first-hand experience of the location, as we may even own properties in the region ourselves. Indeed this is true of Crete Escapes!

With great experience comes great knowledge. Not only are descriptions of the holiday homes detailed but accurate. Real insight can be shared on where to go, where to avoid and just about everything in between.

Long-standing working relationships will also have been established with property owners, making it very easy to escalate issues without middlemen. This simplifies matters in a way private rental portal sites not offering a full agency service are unable to.



Elsewhere there is far greater flexibility around the length of your stay. Those considering a package holiday are often frustrated at the standard week-long or fortnight options available, and very little besides.

Anyone logging onto the Crete Escapes website will discover our availability checker allows added choice. Fancy any non-standard duration, say 8 or even 17 nights? No problem. Providing the property is free of course and depending on other bookings already confirmed, so as not to leave too many void nights at the beginning or the end.


If securing accommodation wasn’t stressful enough, flying can complicate matters further still.

Those favouring package holidays are often aghast at both the predictability and unpredictability alike of flights from the UK.

While the likelihood is your journey will begin from one of the country’s two major airports (Gatwick or Heathrow) – adding extra travel expense in the process – take-off times can appear totally random. It’s not uncommon for wheels up to commence at 6am, necessitating a 3am arrival and all the hassle that comes with it.

Booking independently affords greater choice. With accommodation secured you are free to make your own travel arrangements, seeking flights closer to home and at reasonable hours. This can make the start and end of your holiday far smoother.


As was evidenced with the sudden but not altogether surprising demise of Thomas Cook, jetsetters can’t afford not to take out holiday insurance. Trips booked independently and with the likes of Crete Escapes make the process that bit easier.

Indeed, our company is one of IPP London’s approved booking agents, meaning customers can take out insurance and protect all monies paid to us. Better still, they’ll cover you in the event of airline failure, providing your chosen airline is listed with them.

We also take a relatively low deposit of 10% and encourage fee free credits. The latter provides protection for monies paid to us using a credit card. Providing guests pay at least £100 of the total rental costs on their credit card all monies paid to Crete Escapes are covered by Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. The deposit itself will usually cover the £100…

This offers peace of mind lacking with other packages.



When booking your holiday with an agent acting solely for privately owned properties there is far more room for spontaneity.

One of the downsides of a package holiday is routine that can prove restrictive. Having to be at a certain place at a certain time in order to eat each evening is limiting when most want to break free of structure for a couple of weeks. What’s more the novelty will soon wear off.

By booking independently you are not bound by bundles. Instead you are free to do as you please. Visit a different taverna every night should you wish and rise only when you’re suitably rested…


Finally, there is a misconception that package holidays are the best option for families with young children. This is short-sighted and dismissive of both the choice and activities available, particularly in Crete.

A little research can dispel this curious myth. Our own website lists more than 30 villas appropriate for the whole family while we have previously written about excursions sure to delight younger travellers involving the likes of the Aquaworld, mountain biking and the Venetian Castle.

Crucially, you are free to visit each in your own time.

The benefits of using long-standing and independent booking agents as opposed to relying on private rental portal sites are clear. In these uncertain times it serves to book with a company you can trust, ensuring your well-earned break is everything you hoped it would be.

Plan your Crete holiday today and view our selection of luxurious villas