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Exploring North West Crete: 25 Gentle Walks To Enjoy

Posted on Wednesday 15th June 2016 by Crete Escapes

We are frequently asked about walking in the Apokoronos area of Crete as it is such an incredibly diverse part of the island. 

Many of our customers are keen to explore this stunning region by foot but at a more leisurely pace than the serious trekker (and hopefully with a delightful taverna lunch to break up the journey!)

Fortunately, the majority of our villas are happily situated within easy reach of a large number of pleasant strolls - many of which can be planned around a refreshing drink or spot to eat at a nearby village.

Many gentle walks can be enjoyed around the charming resorts of Kalives, Almyrida, Georgiopoulis, Dramia and the village of Vamos - offering stunning scenery and non-taxing routes under a powder blue sky. 

In order to help you plan your holiday around the best walks of the region we have done some research to come up with a handy guide that you can pack in your suitcase!

"Crete walks in the Apokoronas" is an excellent little paperback that can easily be taken in your hand luggage - why not gen up on some wonderful walks as you fly out?

This book has shortlisted 25 walks that will offer the reader some diverse scenery and splendid views - all at a relaxed pace!  The character, length, terrain and approximate walking time for each route are clearly stated making it a fantastic "Go To" guide for easy walking in North West Crete.

In the meantime, if you haven't already done so - why not take a browse through our stunning and hand selected range of villas, all of which are fully licensed properties in Crete.

We are extremely passionate about this beautiful island so if you have any questions regarding your travel requirements, please do not hesitate to call us on 0330 111 006.