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Greek Tavernas in Northern Crete: Our Top Pick

Posted on Thursday 26th May 2016 by Crete Escapes

The anticipation of a delicious dinner under the stars is often enough motivation to get even the thriftiest of holiday maker reaching for their hard earned cash to secure a holiday abroad.

With such an endless choice of eateries in any given location – and many trips being restricted to only 7 nights away – it is essential that the right choices are made when it comes to your eating establishments!

As frequent travellers to Crete, we have been lucky enough to experience a huge range of food and drink on the island which is nearly always sensationally good. From pop up market stalls to sleepy beachfront gems or the trendiest of restaurants– there is smorgasbord of choice on offer here. However, there can really one be one winner when it comes to the best culinary experience in Crete...  The humble yet gloriously good - traditional Greek taverna!

Often located in a charming side street or a lazy sundrenched cliff top, the classic taverna in Crete is characterised by a warm welcome and the most mouth- watering of home cooked food – at extremely affordable prices.

Cretan cuisine that is very much based on ingredients that can be derived from natural sources. Menus can often be seen to change in harmony with the seasons and of course olive oil is a staple product in almost every establishment! Cretan specialities include some remarkable dishes such as blessed thistle with lamb, smoked pork or for the more adventurous – surprisingly good fried snails!

It would seem that many Cretan villages have their own signature cheese. Our suggestion would be to seek out a hard, nutty cheese called graviera which is just divine, or the delicious soft creamy cheese known as pichtogalo chanion.

With so much to experience and a limited number of lunches and dinners to enjoy while on holiday – we have put together a list of the best eateries in Northern Crete which we hope you will enjoy as much as we have!

Tamam in Chania
Portes in Chania
Arismari in Gavalochori
Monica’s in Gavalochori
Meterizi in Kefalas
Bloumosifis in Vamos
Parasia just outside of Vamos
Thalami in Almyrida
CostAnita in Almyrida
Psaros in Almyrida
Harokopos in Plaka
Elpis in Plaka
To Yaladiko in Kokkino Chorio (we have many villas in this area)
Provlita in Kalives
Il Forno in Kalives
Mythos in Kalives
Pelagias Yard in Kournas
Leventis in Stalos

If you are considering a villa holiday in Crete then we would be delighted to talk to you. We offer a wide range of beautiful villas – many of which have sea views and a pool. Please click below to browse our Crete villas by region:

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It is very important to make sure you are booking your villa in Crete through a reputable agent such as Crete Escapes, who offers only fully  licensed properties and secure online booking.

Your holiday will be in safe and expert hands when you book through Crete Escapes. Why not call our friendly team today on 0330 111 0061 and we will be happy to talk you through our many wonderful villas. Alternatively, browse our villas here and book online.

Happy holidays!