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Visiting Crete: Why Travel Will Soon Become Easier

Posted on Monday 4th October 2021 by

Say Goodbye to The Traffic Light System

AMP 1975

Following the successful rollout of the vaccination programme, the UK government has rethought the country’s traffic light policy, making it far easier for people to travel abroad.


Current restrictions see a country placed into one of a green, amber, or red category based on criteria as covid cases, R rate and vaccination percentage. As of October 4th, however, there will be just two categories.


What are the Main Changes to Travel?


These changes effectively get rid of the middle amber tier and put all countries into either green or red.


Further amendments to the current rules include double jabbed people no longer being required to show proof of a PCR or lateral flow test when returning from a country, providing it is not on the red list. This means far less hassle for travellers when abroad.



Returning to the UK

Villa Daymer 2020 - 4

Anyone returning from a country which has been allocated to the red list, as well as anyone who is not fully vaccinated, regardless of the country’s location, will be made to quarantine in a specialised government hotel for 10 days. Note, these hotels can cost up to £2,200 per person.


Once back in the UK from a country not on the red list, double jabbed people will now only be required to take a lateral flow before the end of their second day after returning and will be coming into effect sometime close to the end of October. This replaces the more expensive PCR test previously required. However, non-vaccinated or single jabbed people must still take a PCR test on day 2 and day 8.



When will the New Rules be Implemented?


The government has announced that these new rules will come into place on the 4th October apart from the PCR to lateral flow test change upon returning. So, it is not long before we can take a huge step back in the right direction for travel!


The above changes come hot on the heels of the removal of 8 countries from the red list on the 22nd September. The countries moved are

  • Turkey
  • Pakistan
  • The Maldives
  • Egypt
  • Sri Lanka
  • Oman
  • Bangladesh
  • Kenya


What does this mean for Holidays to Crete?

Polyanna - Sept 2013 (35)

This new system means that for countries which remain off the red list, including Greece/Crete, traveling will be more streamlined and relaxed when it comes to the restrictions you will face and rules you will need to follow.


You’ll no longer need to prepare test kits to use before you depart and provided nothing changes by the end of October you will be able to return straight home upon your arrival back to the UK.



What we can do for You


Despite all the new changes Coronavirus is far from done with throwing off people’s travel plans, so we want to offer a reminder of our COVID-19 Guarantee.


Should your trip be affected by the pandemic (your flight being rescheduled by the airline for example) we can move your booking a few days either side of your original arrival and departure date. Under these circumstances you will not be charged a fee for the amendment.


We also have an international travel page which offers information on a wide range of countries and advice when traveling to Crete from outside the UK. Click here to view the current information.



Planning Your Escape

Rigani - pool villa 2

Now is the time to get booking your trip to Crete. Have a browse through our villas to find the perfect one for you, whether that be for a couple, family, group or one of our other categories, we know we will have the one to make your holiday perfect. Click here to see out villas and their availability.