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Do you have a holiday villa to rent in Crete?

We are regularly approached by owners of properties who are looking for an agent to market and handle lettings. These notes are intended to help property owners so that you know what sort of properties we are likely to include in our portfolio.

First of all, the single most important factor, before we can consider any property, is that you must have, or be going through the process of obtaining, an EOT (or ESL) permit to allow you to rent your property on a short term basis (less than 30 days). 

If you do have a licence or know that you will be able to obtain a permit, the next thing is to take a look at our website to see what type of properties we feature, this should give you a good idea of whether your property is likely to be of interest to us. Our standards are high and we will only work with owners who have a well-equipped and furnished property and who are prepared to make sure that their property is always well maintained and comfortable. We rarely take on properties that do not have a swimming pool and we are unlikely to take on a property that we have not visited personally to check the facilities on offer.

Please note: we have to rely on our owners to notify us of any changes and/or amendments, as they occur, once we are acting as your agent.

We take care of all the advertising and marketing for your property through various media channels. We will feature it on our website once we have inspected it, have a description of it and good quality photographs. We handle all the booking administration for you and send you a record of your bookings, together with any monies due to you, on a regular basis. We do this for a standard rate of commission.

If we agree to take on your property, you will be asked to sign an Owners Contract at the start of our agreement; this sets out our duties to you and your duties to us. Not only do we aim to provide a very personal service to our clients but we also aim for a team working relationship with our owners.

If you have a property in Crete that you think would be of interest and would like to work with us then please call Julie on our low cost calls number  0330 111 0061, or, from outside the UK on 0044 (0)7891 160661 / 0044 (0)161 776 2784 or email us at to discuss your property personally.

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