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The High Standards That All Our Listed Villas Have Passed

Posted on Thursday 19th January 2017 by Crete Escapes

Many customers have asked us how we select the villas that are listed on the website and what we look for when choosing them.  Well, this is a very good question and something that every holiday maker should be interested to know - after all, when you are placing the success of your precious annual holiday in someones hands, it is very important to have assurances that your villa is both a legitimate rental and of an excellent standard.

Each and every one of our properties has undergone an inspection to ensure that it complies with our exacting criteria.  We expect all of our listed properties to be rented legally, which means that owners have to either have a licence or be listed on a register. Furthermore, they must also pay taxes in Greece which is part and parcel of being a registered and licensed villa owner.

Before we agree to list a new property on the site we insist on visiting it first to carry out a number of checks. It is important to us that every aspect of the villa meets our very high standards including interior accommodation, exterior areas, facilities and the condition of the private pool.

Do we ever turn villas down? Absolutely we do.

Once a new property is listed on the website we will continue to visit it regularly to ensure that these high standards are maintained and we keep in regular contact with our owners and their property managers.  Although based in the UK, both Directors of Crete Escapes own properties in the Chania region of Crete and spend a number of weeks on the island each year. This allows us to forge special relationships with our villa owners and property managers which, in many cases, have been developed over many years of working together.

So as you can see - whilst we are essentially a listing site for villas in North West Crete, we really do go so much further than that.  

What's more, since the introduction of guest booking fees by other listing sites, the villas on our site are often cheaper than booking direct with an owner!  As an approved booking agent with IPP London we can give our customers complete peace of mind when it comes to booking a villa in Crete - your holiday will be in safe hands.

Our aim, together with the villa owner and their property manager is to give you an unforgettable holiday in Crete for all the right reasons. So why not take the plunge and have a browse through our stunning villas to see if the property of your dreams is among them!

If you have some questions we would be delighted to help - just call us on 0330 111 0061 today.