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Why Crete Is the Perfect Destination for an Affordable Family Holiday in 2017

Posted on Wednesday 12th October 2016 by Crete Escapes

It’s getting to that time of year again when planning begins for next year’s summer holiday! Chania at night 2

With the current value of sterling being in a rather precarious state, it is more important than ever to ensure value for money when abroad. The beauty of Crete lies not only in the crystal clear waters and seemingly endless sunshine, but the fact that the cost of eating and drinking is incredibly low. Did you know that a couple can expect to dine out for 35 Euros or less – including local wine? In many parts of the Mediterranean, such a meal would cost at least double this and in many cases, for less tasty and authentic food!

When crunching the numbers to see if a family holiday in 2017 is affordable, it is important to see beyond the cost of a slightly longer flight and appreciate the far lower price of the holiday itself when abroad.  Especially when travelling with a family – food, drink and wine can all account for a stomach churning bill at the end of each meal and before you know it, your carefully planned budget has been blown in the first few days of your holiday!

Lobster lunch 3In Crete, travellers can experience some of the most incredible food and wine – both local and global – at a cost that would please even the thriftiest of holiday maker. No need to seek out the cheapest eateries or deny yourself starters or desserts. After all, a holiday should be about experiencing the best that your destination has to offer and with the cost of eating out being so cheap in Greece, families and couples will be delighted with how far their money can stretch.
What’s more, now is not the time to be stung with last minute surcharges or further unpleasant surprises when it comes to the exchange rate.  As a UK based company, when booking with Crete Escapes, all prices are set in GBP sterling and this rate is guaranteed, so no need to worry about what the exchange rate may be doing come summer 2017.

cheap villa holiday creteOur villas in Crete are all fully licensed properties with no hidden extras to contend with. The price that you see on our Website is the final price that you will pay – unless of course you are booking out of high season and taking advantage of our low occupancy discounts – in which case you will be paying a far lower price!  Booking a villa in Crete will offer you the flexibility to eat at home (think glorious seafood BBQs and dining under the night’s sky!) as well as the opportunity to experience truly affordable and delicious meals when eating out.


We also have options for those families on the larger side, with properties sleeping 10 or more guests available here.

Why not give us a call on 0330 111 0061 to discuss your 2017 villa holiday in Crete or browse our splendid properties here. We are experts in Crete and everything that this stunning island has to offer so please do take advantage of our specialist knowledge!