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Villas Vs. Hotels

Posted on Wednesday 11th July 2018 by Crete Escapes

No longer are hotel getaways the go-to for holidaymakers. Instead, the rise of rental accommodation – and namely villas – have provided jetsetters with choice and a good one at that.

Growing popularity is perhaps no surprise when weighing up the benefits of the respective packages. Both have their merits of course but it could be argued villas now present a more complete experience.


The benefits of booking with Crete Escapes, or similar rental companies, are plentiful and begin with the reservation itself. To the surprise of many, villa stays compare favourably with hotel equivalents when it comes to that initial outlay. This is the result of the former being leased on a weekly basis – as opposed to a daily one - allowing for competitive pricing models. Fewer running costs meanwhile encourage owners to lower rates without taking the financial hit a hotelier would.

The process of securing your break is also far easier when dealing with villas, which allow for bigger groups and even entire families. The alternative is often accepting the need for multiple hotel rooms, some of which you would be forgiven for thinking were in different postcodes.


One of the many misconceptions tourists have about villas concerns the reception they are likely to receive from locals. Some fear a frosty welcome due to a revolving door policy upsetting the community. The opposite is in fact true.

Indeed, hotspots for villas have been established as such for decades, meaning neighbours are well accustomed to visitors and embrace them as honorary residents. This is certainly true of Crete.


When in situ holidaymakers are pleasantly surprised at the amount of privacy afforded from a villa. Unlike traditional hotel stayovers there is no sharing of pools, beachfronts, decking and the like. Instead you have exclusivity of such facilities, which can also be used at a time convenient to yourselves. Forget not, villas have no curfew for swimming, meaning late night dips are possible and very much enjoyable!

Stephania - villa 6


Villas also give far more in the way of space, hence the appeal to bigger groups.

Having your own plot reduces a concern for what others think. Parents are often preoccupied with what mischief and noise their children create and how that will upset those in the room(s) next door. There is no such worry in a villa, where the little ones have more ground to cover and fewer people to offend.

Isolation also brings benefits when it comes to the pool area. One of the great frustrations of hotel guests is their eternal struggle to secure a sun lounger every morning. This placement of towels has actually made for many a comic sketch in years gone by. These battles however do not exist when renting your own villa. That lounger is yours and – better still – you can leave personal belongings there unattended throughout the day, with no risk of them being stolen.


Of course, not all those securing villa rentals are families. Romantic getaways can also be enjoyed in such accommodation where tranquillity appeals.

Some enjoy the hustle and bustle of a busy hotel with all its happenings and mix of cultures. Others however seek relaxation in its purest form.

The majority of villas are situated in low-key residential surroundings, removed from busy freeways and crowded cities. As such they make for a true break from the world and your own private sanctuary.


Back to the aforementioned cost of your holiday and one big advantage of villa breaks is the fact they provide opportunities to save.

The Post Office recently declared that self-catering is cheaper than all-inclusive offerings. Indisputable is the fact cooking for yourself will cost less per head than a meal out. You can do just that in a villa where traditional kitchen appliances offer convenience.

So, there you have it, just some of the reasons why villa rentals have emerged as a serious alternative to the hotel holiday in recent times. 

Escape Villa - external 4


If you are looking to get away this Autumn, Crete Escapes still have plenty of availability left. September/October time can be a wonderful time of year to visit the island as the weather is usually still warm yet there are fewer holiday makers, making for a peaceful time away in the sun.

Villas including Villa De Tara and Villa Stephania all offer a home away from home while staying in Crete. Each comes with a private pool, plenty of outdoor space and stunning sea views for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

You can also enjoy taking advantage of our low occupancy discount rates for all of these villas during the months of September and October!

Review our latest offers today and book the break you deserve. Alternatively, give us a call on 0330 111 0061!