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Top 5 Things To Do In Georgioupolis

Posted on Tuesday 7th June 2022 by

Georgioupolis is a Cretan village at the apex of Almiros Bay and a well-known, beautiful beach town. As such it’s a popular destination for holidaymakers with no shortage of activities. Below is our list of the best five things to do in Georgioupolis:

1. Go Horse Riding Along the Beach


In Georgioupolis the sandy beaches are by far the main attraction so why not enjoy them from horseback? No matter your skill level you can go on a beach ride in the early morning or during the evening sunset, you can even arrange to swim with the horses too.

2. See the Ocean on a Boat Tour

If you want to get closer to the ocean why not go on a boat cruise? Starting at Georgioupolis harbour you can sail across the coastline, take in the sights of Souda Island and Drapanos lighthouse, as well as stop to go snorkelling at Obrosgialos.

3. Join a Safari Expedition in the Country

Georgioupolis doesn’t just have amazing beaches, it has beautiful country landscapes too. Go off-road for the day by Jeep and visit some historic locations or explore some of Crete’s hidden treasures driving a quad bike.

4. Rent a Kayak at Lake Kournas


Lake Kournas is a freshwater lake in the Dasos Asfendou Kallikrati national forest and is home to a variety of wildlife. For a small fee you can rent a sea bike, pedal boat, or kayak to explore the gorgeous scenery yourself.

5. Get a Fresh Seafood Dinner

As a seaside town Georgioupolis is blessed with an abundance of seafood restaurants. After a long day of exploring, you can enjoy fresh catch of the day at Corissia Park, Nostos, or one of the many other eateries by the beach.

There’s no shortage of things to do in Georgioupolis; check out our range of villas or read our guide about the best places to visit in the area.