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Updated 9th April 2021

Following the government announcement earlier today we are hopeful that international travel will resume on May 17th 2021.

A traffic light system will split countries into 3 levels of risk, green, amber and red depending on certain factors eg the level of vaccinations and covid infections in those countries.

There will be an announcement by early May as to which countries fall into which category. We are expecting Greece/Crete to be on either the green or amber lists.

Pre departure and post arrival testing will be required for all arrivals back into the UK and some quarantine will be necessary for arrivals from amber listed countries. NB; we understand the government hopes to provide rapid lateral flow tests (LFT) for holidaymakers which they can take away with them for use as pre-departure testing and also  find a way to reduce the cost of PCR tests which will have to be pre-booked from an official list of test providers on the gov.uk website. 

Currently there appears to be no distinction between vaccinated and non vaccinated travellers for arrivals into the UK however it is rumoured the government are exploring vaccine certification to allow innoculated travellers to sidestep quarantine and testing. 

As far as we are aware Greece still plans on allowing vaccinated travellers from the UK to enter Greece without the need for testing or quarantine.

We will post more news as and when it is received. Further government reviews are expected on 28th June, 31st July and 1st October.

The guarantee set out below still applies.

Updated 28th Feb 2021

Following the UK government's roadmap announcement we know that international travel will not be allowed before May 17th. The date is to be reviewed after The Global Travel Taskforce submits their report on April 12th.

The Greek government is keen to see tourism resume and is having discussions with the UK government to allow vaccinated travellers from the UK to enter Greece without the need for testing or quarantine. Non vaccinated travellers are likely to be allowed to enter Greece but will need to produce a negative covid test on arrival.

Greece has so far managed the level of infections better than many other European countries and covid cases in Crete have remained low throughout 2020 and into 2021. It is reported that The Greek government intends to vaccinate all frontline tourism workers by the start of the 2021 season in May.

With the UK vaccination rollout progressing so well and case numbers beginning to fall; we are expecting travel to Greece to be possible from May 17th or shortly thereafter. Of course there is no guarantee about that yet and therefore, we set out below, our current policy should there be further disruption and uncertainty around trips to Greece and specifically, Crete in 2021.

If travel is disrupted or there is uncertainty about whether travel will be possible when your final balance becomes due because borders remain closed either in Greece (Crete) or your departing country, in 2021 due to covid 19, we will:-

  • Firstly, move the payment of your final balance to a date closer to your departure date but no later than 14 days before your planned arrival at the villa. If you have already paid your final balance when restrictions are imposed, we will refund that balance payment. NB; if you've been asked to pay your final balance it's because we expect travel to resume in time for your departure date.
  • Secondly, if we expect international travel to be restricted on your departure date we will offer to move your deposit to another date / booking later in 2021 or 2022 at the same villa, subject to availability. Prices for the new dates will apply.
  • If your flight is disrupted due to airlines re-scheduling we will do all we can to assist you in changing your dates (a few days either side of your original arrival and/or departure) to fit in with the revised date offered by the airline or re-booking with another airline, subject to villa availability. In those circumstances we will not charge you a booking amendment fee.

Please note :-

  • We cannot switch your booking to 2022 unless travel is unlikely when your final balance (revised date) becomes due. However, you may switch your booking to a later date in 2021 as per our booking terms and conditions, subject to availability at the villa you have already booked.
  • Disinclination to travel for whatever reason eg; testing or quarantine in your country of residence does not count as travel disruption. Also, measures introduced by local authorities in your country of residence do not count as travel disruption.
  • In both of the above cases you would need to speak to your travel insurer to discuss your options regarding a refund of monies paid.
  • Your initial payment of 10%, made at the time of booking, is a deposit/booking fee and is not refundable in accordance with our terms and conditions of booking.